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Bohemian Rhapsody Earrings

From the Ancient ARTiFaCt Series: Statement shoulder duster earrings in sea hues with gold & black wire mesh and sparkling beads.
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Deep from the mystical seas where it is said the ancient lands of Atlantis, Lemuria and Ancient Greece are buried, lie lost treasures. These ARTiFActs were collected by my muse during her recent holiday. She was kind enough to bring them home with her so that unique pieces of jewelry could be created. Each fragment holds a bit of magic from ancient cultures.

It is rare to find shards of the same size on an archeological dig or deep ocean excursion. These earrings do not match! There is something oh so bohemian and decadent about wearing accessories that are not matchy matchy.

These unique earrings were sculpted from paper clay. This biodegradable medium is very lightweight. The clay takes a few days to dry. Then it has several layers of gesso painted followed by gorgeous hues found in the deep coral reefs of teal, purple, gold, bronze and sea greens. A protective glazed is added to seal in the color.

A Mother of Pearl pink sea shell bead is wired wrapped with non-tarnish silver plated wire on the top of each artifact. Mother of Pearl is said to awaken the primordial memory of your origin in the Universe. It stirs this memory in your thoughts, your feelings, and in every cell of your physical body. Mother of Pearl's energy symbolizes unconditional motherly love.

Pieces of gold mesh and black mesh wire dangle from the top and bottom of each piece. These add movement and shimmer. Also hanging from the bottom of each earring is an iridescent midnight blue faceted crystal bead with flecks of purple with copper beads on a bronze chain and vibrant purple wire.

These shimmering ear baubles are lightweight and make a statement. Measure about 6 inches long.

Sterling Silver French Earwires. Unique accessory for a boho prom dress, wedding, concert or holiday party. Make a statement at an elegant event.

Colors may appear slightly different than the photographs in real life. Capturing the subtle hues is difficult. Note: Not to be worn while swimming or in the shower.

All ARTifAcTs come with gift wrap.
Handcrafted  with love by artist jeanie mossa at the Planet Calamari Studio in the USA.

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