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Hatching a Play Day

Semiprecious Blue Chalcedony nestled in a bed of shimmering silver. Said to heighten psychic abilities, reduce stress and release your inner child.
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Hatching a Play Day

All work and no play makes the faeries fly away!

The faeries and gnomes have been carefully tending to these play day eggs. Sprinkling them with magical dust that banishes stress and the need to work endlessly. Maybe it is time to take a day off and go play in nature. The faeries are calling you!

Gorgeous semiprecious blue Chalcedony beads nestled in a shimmering silver bed.

Blue Chalcedony calms the body, mind and spirit. Relieves stress and is said to heighten psychic abilities and meditative states of mind. Used to communicate with the spirit world. Dispels negativity.  It aids with creativity and brings out the inner child in us. With all that stress and anxiety relieved now we can go play!

This wire is non-tarnish silver plated colored copper wire. Copper has magical properties which enhance the stones.

Lightweight. 1.5 inches with a loop for you to add your favorite chain, cord or ribbon.

A unique talisman for the work-aholic, professional worrier, introvert and budding psychic. Wear when entering toxic environments such as work or other unfriendly muggle habitats. 

Cleared with sage. Charged with Reiki and Blessings of Eostara. Make a wish when you wear this magical amulet. 

Lovely organza gift bag included. All orders shipped USPS Priority Mail with Insurance.

Created by jeanie mossa with love and a touch of magic in Alexandria VA.



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