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Dances With Sticks

Nature Spirit Being Sculpture
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Dances with Sticks Spirit Being

This Spirit Art Doll was created while recovering from a fractured rib. Wanting to express my ability to stand on my own two feet without falling seemed to be the motivation for this piece. Using eco-friendly paper clay, repurposed fabric, hand painted cheesecloth, sari ribbon, wire mesh, glass beads, turquoise stones and a beaded pouch along with branches & sticks gathered in my nature walks.Turquoise is a semiprecious stone used for healing and protection in many cultures.

Her basket holds real bamboo twigs found in my doctor’s parking lot. A real pheasant feather symbolizing a need to take ourselves lightly dangles from her side. 

Her face was hand sculpted with paper clay which takes about 3 days to dry. Then primed with gesso and painted in shades of yellow, gold, red and pomegrante with a touch of blue. A gold wire mesh aura, or perhaps tiara encircles her face with faceted golden copper glass beads.

She stands about 19 inches high and about 9 inches wide.                                                  My Spirit Dolls are a combination of old world mysteries, transformational healing and a touch of magic.

Made with love, magic and prayers by jeanie mossa at the Planet Calamari Studio in the USA.

 Due to the size and nature of this piece shipping rates are extra.