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Namaste Spirit Being

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Namaste: I bow to the Light in You. We are One.

This magical Spirit Being was created by hand sculpting ecofriendly paper clay, then added gesso and several layers of spray ink and paint that dry into ethereal jewel tone hues of purple, pink, blue, teal, gold, and bronze.

Inspired by images of Native American Dream Catchers feathers dangle from this piece. Feathers are perceived as gifts from the sky, the sea and the trees.

Cascading down from this Meditative Spirit Being’s face is a peacock feather wire wrapped with iridescent faceted glass beads. Peacock feathers are the symbol of royalty, compassion, fertility and good fortune. They also represent the Buddhist Bodhisattva Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion.  

One side a mallard duck feather wrapped with Mother of Pearl and milky glass crystal glass beads dangles down. Mother of Pearl sea shell represents the Divine Mother, the sea and is nurturing. Mallard feathers represent fertility.

There is a silver Sanskrit Om charm wire wrapped with glass amethyst and bronze beads along with a bronze Buddha charm and glass heart bead.

Both sides have gorgeous sari ribbon in hues of ivory, teal, green, purple and blue threads wire wrapped with glass beads. This beautiful, up-cycled sari ribbon is created by women in Fair Trade co-ops by collecting the remnants of sari silk fabric accumulated during the trimming of high quality sari silk fabric during the manufacturing process. This sari ribbon is imported from Fair Trade women's cooperatives in India and Nepal helping to support and empower the women and children from those countries.

A copper wire hoop with a semiprecious turquoise bead sit at the top of this piece making it easy to hang in a sacred space, meditation room or indoor sun room. Turquoise is used for healing and protection in many ancient cultures.

Measures 15 inches long by 5 inches wide.

Make a wish when you hang her!

A unique holiday gift for all those who want a touch of magic in their lives...

Handcrafted with love by jeanie mossa

Planet Calamari Studio, Alexandria Virginia, USA


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