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The Birth of Courage Amulet Tiger's Eye

Semiprecious Tiger's Eye, the stone of courage, taking action & protection.
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The Birth of Courage Amulet

Time to take action. Stand strong. Be Brave. You are protected!

Three gorgeous semiprecious Tiger's Eye beads with hues of gold, brown and amber sit in a copper and silver nest

Tiger's eye is the stone known to harness the courage of the tiger. It is a stone that helps to motivate one to take action, go for the gold, stand up for themselves take charge. It is also a very protective stone. It helps to balance emotions. Too bad the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz didn't have a Tiger's Eye amulet!

This wire is non-tarnish silver plated  combined with copper. Copper has magical properties which enhance the stones.

Lightweight. 1.5 inches with a loop for you to add your favorite chain, cord or ribbon.

A unique talisman for one who needs to take charge, self confidence and a boost. Perfect to wear to work - especially for those in toxic environments.

Cleared with sage. Charged with Reiki and Blessings of Eostara. Make a wish when you wear this magical amulet. 

Lovely organza gift bag included. Shipped USPS Priority Mail with Insurance.

Created by jeanie mossa with love and a touch of magic in Alexandria VA.



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