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When Trees Dream

SOLD!Nature Spirit Being Sculpture
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When Trees Dream was currently on exhibit at the

Del Ray Artisans Gallery in the Dream On! show.

Weird, wonderful, surreal or scary, our dreams conjure images and influence feelings. Some dreams are thematic; some are more random, disjointed occurrences—fragmented images that question the meaning of past experiences or forewarn of future occurrences. Visit Del Ray Artisans gallery in March to see how artists explored their nocturnal adventures and daydreams in the exhibit: DREAM ON! Join the artists and other art appreciators for the opening reception on Friday, March 6 from 7-9pm. The show runs March 6-29, 2015.”

Inspired by my many walks in nature and of course probably a side effect of hugging many trees! (Yes I love to hug trees- I admit it. Try it and see for yourself how wild it is.) I have to say I am very happy how she turned out. When I first began working with the odd branch, I had no idea it would morph into a large sculpture. Nor had I planned adding the cheesecloth or the base until the week before it was due for an art gallery show! The name just popped into my head after adding the cheese cloth. Yes tree sprites most probably have magical dreams.

Created with branches and sticks found in my favorite nature preserve in Alexandria VA. This Spirit Being took several months to complete. She is a combination of eco-friendly paper clay, repurposed sari ribbon from a Fair Trade company, hand painted cheesecloth, moss and treasures found in nature. If you would like to see the early stages of this piece click here for photos and details.

Her face was hand sculpted with paper clay which takes about 3 days to dry. Then primed with gesso and painted in shades of teal, green, bronze, gold and a tad of pink. She wears a hand crocheted wire tiara embellished with teal green glass beads. A quartz crystal with sari ribbon and recycled yarn dangles from her face along with a dragonfly bead with more faceted glass crystals. A small glass amber jar with glittering moon dust and a midnight blue faceted glass bead adorn her face.

I had a wonderful time painting cheesecloth in earthtone browns, greens and sky blue then adding it to her outstretched branches for an ethereal look. She stands about 27 inches tall and stands on a base that is 13 inches wide by 12 inches. The base is covered in green moss, lichen grass and twigs. The bottom of the base has felt pads. Artist signature on the back and bottom of the piece.

Her dress is made from lovely chartreuse green fabric with dragonflies flying all over it. Strands of sari ribbon in blues, ivory and a touch of violet drape down.

Made with love, magic and prayers by jeanie mossa at the Planet Calamari Studio in the USA.

This Spirit Being is currently available. Due to the size and nature of this piece shipping rates are extra.