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Boo Boo Calamari

SOLD #3 in the Boo Boo Babe Art Doll Series
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The Boo Boo Babe Art Dolls came to be after i experienced a series of surgeries, accidents, broken bones, ribs and lots of boo boos over the past year. These therapy dolls are a whimsical approach to dealing with physical and emotional pain on all levels as well as childhood trauma and abuse. May these dolls provide a touch of comfort and laughter to all in need. xoxoxo jeanie

Boo Boo Calamari #3 of the Boo Boo Babe Art Doll series

Regina Calamari, beloved Queen of the Squid was martyred and served as the main course for a big fat Greek wedding with a side of feta cheese. Now in the afterlife, she haunts the gastrointestinal tracts of those who dare to consume calamari, with a dose of heartburn, flatulence and the perpetual sound of the Mama Mia soundtrack playing in their heads.

This Boo Boo Cephalopod is a one of a kind art doll made from a fun mix of new and recycled fabrics, hand painted cheesecloth, sari ribbon, fibers and buttons. She has wild tentacles in hues of purple and green. Black and silver ribbon tendrils dangle down with hand painted cheesecloth in sea green, teal blue and purple. On one tentacle she wears a green glass bead bracelet. Upon her head is recycled crown embellished with blue glitter and sea green glass beads. Her front and back do not match as you will see in the photos.

All dolls are stuffed with new polyfil. She is not meant to stand up on her own. Place or prop on a bed, couch or pillow.

Measures about 19 inches tall. The longest tentacle is about 25 inches. 14 inches wide from tendral to tentacle.

Gift wrap included. USPS First Class Mail with insurance.

These art dolls are not intended as toys for children!

Made with love, prayers and a touch of magic by jeanie mossa at the Planet Calamari Studio in the USA.

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