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Boo Boo Panda

SOLD! #8 in the Boo Boo Babe Art Doll Series
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The Boo Boo Babe Art Dolls came to be after i experienced a series of surgeries, accidents, broken bones, ribs and lots of boo boos over the past year. These therapy dolls are a whimsical approach to dealing with physical and emotional pain on all levels as well as childhood trauma and abuse. May these dolls provide a touch of comfort and laughter to all in need. xoxoxo jeanie

Gan Cao the Rejected Panda #8 of the Boo Boo Babe Art Doll series

Meet Gan Cao, a panda twin who was rejected by her narcisissitic personality disorder mother, who only cared for her twin brother. Zookeepers believe this was because Gan Cao's ears did not match. Her Chinese name translated means Licorice Root, a common herb used in traditional Chinese medicine. Raised by caring zoo-keepers, Gan Cao survived her bizarre childhood, yet was heartbroken that her mother did not love her. After many years of therapy, wearing comfy panda pajamas while snacking on organic Panda Licorice she found peace of mind. She now happily resides in a lovely wild animal park while tending to all the rejected panda twins as if they were her own children. (Her twin brother still lives at home with his overbearing mother.)

This article published in National Geographic was the inspiration for this Boo Boo Panda art doll.

"While twin giant panda births have been rare in U.S. zoos, they are actually quite common: In the wild and at other zoos around the world, giant panda mothers give birth to twins about 50 percent of the time, explained Zoo Atlanta's curator of mammals, Rebecca Snyder.

However, due to the difficulty of caring for two cubs simultaneously, typically only one of the twins survives. Giant panda newborns are even more helpless than most other mammal infants because they don't open their eyes until they are about six to eight weeks old and don't move around until about three months." Please click here to read the entire article.

This Boo Boo Panda is a one of a kind art doll made from a fun mix of new & recycled fabrics, vintage buttons and sari ribbon. Gan Cao has hand painted eyes, embroidered stitches around her mouth and eyes and a bright pink purple heart. She wears panda pajamas and is holding two panda babes that are stuffed. She has a tattered ivory bow of repurposed sari ribbon.

All dolls are stuffed with new polyfill. Measures about 15 inches tall by 11 inches wide. Not meant to stand on her own. Place on a bed, couch or pillow. These art dolls are not intended as toys for children!

Gift wrap included. USPS First Class Mail with insurance.

Made with love, prayers and a touch of magic by jeanie mossa at the Planet Calamari Studio in the USA.

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