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Bouquet of Fae Millefiori Glass Beads

Colorful millefiori glass beads nestled in a peridot green& copper nest
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Bouquet of Fae Enchanted Nest

Shhh! Please do not disturb the napping flower faeries!

This gorgeous nest was created with colorful millefiori glass beads with peridot green and non-tarnish copper wire. Copper wire is said to help relieve pain.

The Italian word, millefiori translated is "thousand flowers". It is a term used when making these flowered beads from canes of glass. The process is intensive and fascinating. No two beads are alike. 

Measures 1 inch wide and 2 inches long. Another peridot faceted glass crystal bead sits on the top holding  with a wire loop so you may add your favorite chain, cord or ribbon.

A fun gift for Mother's Day, a glass lover or someone who needs to wear the magic of the flower faeries.

Cleared with sage. Charged with Reiki and Blessings of Eostara. 

Lovely organza gift bag included. All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail with insurance.

Created by jeanie mossa with love and a touch of magic in Alexandria VA.



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