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Zezolla Spirit Doll

SOLD From the Italian Fairy Tale we know as Cinderella
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Inspired by one of my favorite fairy tales, Cinderella. After researching the beginnings the Cinderella story i learned that it was orginally a Sardinian fairy tale. Before Perrault and the Brothers Grimm, Giambattista Basile penned the first modern literary transcription of the Cinderella fairytale. It is the story of Zezolla, the daughter of an Italian Prince, who is betrayed by her governess and forced to live the life of a servant - that is until the King announces a feast. With assistance from a date tree given to her by the Fairies of Sardinia, Zezolla is able to attend the feast and her life is forever changed.

This romantic Nature Spirit Being doll was created with the intention of Love. The miracle of love, the magic of finding love and cherishing it.

Her face is hand sculpted from eco-friendly paper clay. It takes about 3- 4 days for the clay to dry. It is then primed with gesso, painted with ethereal ink sprays of pink, gold, bronze with tones of lavender. The final touch is a protective glaze and shimmering iridescent glitter.

Using non-tarnish pink and silver plated wire, I crocheted a wire tiara with iridescent faceted glass beads in hues of blue and silver which reflect light and color. This tiara is a bit organic looking, as it is not one a queen would wear. This is Zezolla after the clock has struck midnight and the magic is beginning to fade from her clothing.

She wears two tassels created with repurposed pink and purple sari ribbon with a gorgeous lavender glass bead and tiny pink glass beads. This beautiful, up-cycled sari ribbon is created by women in Fair Trade co-ops by collecting the remnants of sari silk fabric accumulated during the trimming of high quality sari silk fabric during the manufacturing process. This sari ribbon is imported from Fair Trade women's cooperatives in India and Nepal helping to support and empower the women and children from those countries.

Her body and outstretched arms are created with gathered sticks and branches from my favorite nature spot in Alexandria, Virginia. Shimmering threads of pink, blue and silver dangle from her arms and head.

A silver angel wing with a touch of glitter hangs from a semi-precious rose quartz stone bead adorned with iridescent faceted midnight blue & silver glass beads. Rose Quartz is the stone of love in many forms, unconditional, romantic, self-love and acceptance. Cinderella aka Zezolla learns that she is loved by many friends, animals and fairie, even though she was betrayed by her family. An earring of pink rose quartz and moonstones with a blue glass bead dangles from her face. Moonstones represent dreams, wishes and are used in magical ceremonies. They are said to hold the magic of the moon.

Her dress was hand-sewn. Her underskirt has lovely butterflies in pastel and gold colors. Tattered purple pink satin strips cover her skirt, perhaps the clock struck midnight! Her branch feet have shimmering pink threads and glitter- waiting for the good Prince to find her glass slipper and once again, the magic of love wins!

Zezolla (Cinderella) measures about 5.5 inches wide and 18 inches long. A wire hook is on the back so she can be easily hung in a special place.

This unique art piece would make a lovely wedding or engagement gift. Or a token of love on a romantic evening. Use as Feng Shui and place in the Relationship corner of a room to attract love.

Please note these Nature Spirit Being dolls are fragile and are not for children to play with. Handle with love and care. Do not place outside or in direct sunlight. Keep away from pets. The colors in the photographs may slight vary from the original piece. Capturing the subtle hues is difficult.

Each Nature Spirit Being Doll is unique. Charged with prayers, healing light and a touch of magic. Make a wish when they are placed in their new home.

Gift wrap included. USPS Priority mail with insurance. Packaged with care.

Made in the USA at the Planet Calamari Studio with love by jeanie mossa.
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