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Empress Spirit Doll

SOLD #1 of the Tarot Spirit Being Series
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This Spirit Doll has sold. You can learn how to make your own Spirit Doll at our online class 

Won the Juror's Choice Award at the Del Ray Artisans Gallery for the

MIX: Adventures in Mixed Media show.

The Empress Mixed Media Spirit Doll:

The first of the Tarot Spirit Being series.

Inspired by The Empress (III) which is the third trump or Major Acana card in traditional Tarot card decks. A magical card to have appear in a reading! Learn more about the Empress Card by Wikipedia at the end of the spirit doll's description.

This one of a kind art doll was created in several stages. Her face was hand sculpted with eco-friendly paper clay with embedded textured patterns. It was then painted in layers of terracotta, verde green and bronze. A final touch of crème and pink were added to give her a royal look.

Antique bronze, silver and gold woven wire mesh surrounds her head as a crown. Vintage glass faceted beads in hues of burgundy, blues, amethyst and amber dangle from her face. Gorgeous gold-copper hued glass faceted beads surround her gold mesh crown.

She wears a black skirt under an elaborate robe of chartreuse satin fabric embellished with dragonflies. Dragonflies are a symbol of good fortune, prosperity and long life. The robe is trimmed in gold brocade with tassels. Her dress is created with iridescent blue glittering fabric ribbon that has been ruffled. It catches and reflects light.

Her scepter is handcrafted with a real peacock feather that has been wire wrapped with vintage glass beads of gold, ruby, garnet and blue. Peacock feathers are the symbol of royalty, compassion, fertility and good fortune.

The Empress stands on a hand painted black with iridescent glitter stand. She is 10 inches tall and about 10 inches wide from the bottom of the robe. She is signed on the bottom.

Each Spirit Being doll is one of a kind. All dolls are blessed with healing prayers, light and love. Make a wish or say a prayer as you place on your alter or sacred space.

This is a one of a kind piece. Please handle with care as she is not a toy. Please do not keep around children or pets

Gift wrap and description included. Shipped USPS Priority Mail with insurance & delivery confirmation.

Handmade with love, magic and prayers by jeanie mossa at The Planet Calamari Studio in the USA.

From Wikipedia: "Arthur Edward Waite was a key figure in the development of modern Tarot interpretations. However, not all interpretations follow his theology. All Tarot decks used for divination are filtered through personal experience and standards.

Some recurring keywords include:

  • Mothering — Fertility — Sexuality — Abundance
  • Material prosperity — Pleasure — Comfort — Power
  • Nature — Delight — Desire — Physical attraction
  • Health — Sensuality — Beauty — Satisfaction

The Empress sits on a throne wearing a starry crown, holding a scepter in one hand. The Scepter is representative of her power over life, her crown has twelve stars representing her dominance over the year, and her throne is in the midst of a field of grain, representative of her dominion over growing things. The Empress is representative of the productivity of the subconscious, seeded by ideas. She is meant to be the embodiment of the growth of the natural world, fertility, and what one knows or believes from the heart."

We filmed the creation of this doll for our online class, Birth of a Spirit Doll, DIY Your Own Spirit Doll.  Since then, I have added more details to her to make her more presentable to show in galleries.
Learn how to create your own Spirit Doll with our online class, Birth of a Spirit Doll. Details at