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Crystal Therapy Ear Art Rose Quartz Amethyst

Healing gemstones Rose Quartz & Amethyst with a peridot green glass crystal.

Crystal Therapy Ear Art

Genuine Rose Quartz and Amethyst with a Peridot Green Glass Crystal 

Created with pink semiprecious Rose Quartz which sits at the top of the earring. A stunning Czech glass peridot green bead with an aurora borealis finish adds sparkle and reflects the light giving these earrings an ethereal feel. Two light purple Amethyst stones dangle from the bottom.

Amethyst is known as the magician's stone. It is used in magical ceremonies, healing and is one of the most popular semiprecious stones. It calms the mind. Aids in forgiveness and for those who hold grudges. Used for protection. When in doubt, wear amethyst! The color violet has the highest vibration of all colors. 

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love - all types of love! Unconditional love, romantic love, spiritual love, self-love, family love, love of mankind and Angelic love. It is known to calm the mind and relief stress. Wearing Rose Quartz is like taking an ethereal bubble bath. It is also said to be a stone of fertility. 

Silver plated hypo-allergenic ear wires. Meaures almost 2.5 inches long. Lightweight. 

A lovely gift for one who is in search of love, self love or works in a stressful environment.  All jewelry comes with a lovely organza gift bag.

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Handcrafted with Love, Magic and Charged with Reiki by jeanie mossa.

Planet Calamari Studio



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