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Divine Intervention Rose Quartz Amethyst Chalcedony

Gemstones of love, healing and protection said to attract Angels and Spirt Guides.
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Divine Intervention Peaceful Pod

All we are saying.... is give peas a chance!

This Peaceful Pod is currently at the Sacred Circle Bookstore in Alexandria VA. If you would like to order a Peaceful Pod with these gemstones please go to our Contact Us Page.

 Pink Rose Quartz, Amethyst & Blue Chalcedony nestled in a Silver & Peridot Green Wire Peapod

Semiprecious stones that attract Angels, Spirit Guides and Faeries.

Peapods are a symbol of fertility, a new beginning, the birth of new things to come. A few old world fairy tales mention the magic of peas. They are a reminder of spring, babies and the promise of hope.

Each piece is unique. Pale pink semiprecious Rose Quart, Blue Chalcedony and Blue Angelite  sit in a wire wrapped pod created with non-tarnish stunning silver plated copper wire combined. Silver represents the Goddess, Moon, Feminine energy and Yin. Green represents healing, the heart chakra and spring. Copper enhances the positive vibrations of the rose quartz and angelite.

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love - all types of love! Unconditional love, romantic love, spiritual love, self-love, family love, love of mankind and Angelic love. It is known to calm the mind and relief stress. Wearing Rose Quartz is like taking an ethereal bubble bath. It is also said to be a stone of fertility.

Amethyst is considered one of the most healing gemstones of all. The color violet has the highest vibration of all colors. Amethyst is used in magical ceremonies, protection, relieves stress and is said to aid in forgiveness. May be used in meditation to contact your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides or Faeries.

Blue Chalcedony calms the body, mind and spirit. Relieves stress and is said to heighten psychic abilities and meditative states of mind. Used to communicate with the spirit world. Dispels negativity. It aids with creativity and brings out the inner child in us. With all that stress and anxiety relieved now we can go play!

A decorative loop is at the top of the pod for you to use your favorite chain, cord or ribbon.

Lightweight. Measures about 3.5 inches. 

A lovely gift for anyone who is trying to conceive, find love or needs more self love, Mother’s Day, Mom to Be, Shower gift or perhaps yourself!

All crystals, stones and pearls are cleared with sage then charged with healing Reiki energy. Make a wish when you wear this magical amulet.

Lovely organza gift bag included. All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail with Insurance.

Created with love and a touch of magic by jeanie mossa in Alexandria VA.

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