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Eostara's Garden Baubles

Welcome to Eostara's Garden

Magical jewelry created with crystals and gemstones planting seeds of hope.

Eostara, also known as Ostara is the Germanic Goddess who brings in the season of Spring. She represents new beginnings, giving birth, fertility and a sense of hope. She is a reminder for us to allow our inner child to play and believe in magic. In these serious times, we need all the help we can get!

When creating this line of healing jewelry, I wanted to put together crystals and gemstones that would calm the mind, soothe the soul and nourish the spirit.

Gemstones have been used since ancient times for medicinal and spiritual purposes. I have always been enamored with shining rocks even as a child. This fascination with them eventually led to me taking classes and becoming a Crystal and Reiki practitioner.

In my acupuncture practice I treat so many patients who are stressed, chronically ill and dealing with infertility issues. I use crystals to enhance their sessions, and the idea of designing a line of healing amulets for people arose.

Eostara's Garden features our line healing jewelry of Enchanted Nests, Peaceful Pods and the Sacred Trees of the Forest O'Fae.

Each crystal, semiprecious stone, pearl or shell is chosen with a purpose during the making of these pieces. All are cleared with sage then charged with Reiki. I do a special ritual to honor the Goddess Eostara to bless these with love and hope.

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Handmade unique jewelry created by jeanie mossa 

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