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Eye of God Protective Peaceful Pod

Protective Eye of God beads in a silver pea pod

Peaceful Pods

All we are saying... is give peas a chance!

Eye of God Protective Peaceful Pod

During these stressful times, may the Eye of the Divine protect you.

Five colorful glass Eye of God beads sit in a shimmering silver peapod created with non-tarnish silver plated copper wire. Copper wire is said to have protective and healing properties.

The Eye of God bead has been used since ancient times and many cultures as a talisman for protection.

This peaceful pod measures almost 5 inches long. A loop on top is large enough for you to add your favorite chain, cord or ribbon.

A unique gift for someone you wish to protect. Perfect to wear in a toxic work environment or stressful function you must attend.

All crystals, gemstones and beads are cleared with sage

and charged with Reiki energy.

Comes with a lovely organza gift bag. USPS Priority Mail with insurance.

Created with love and a touch of magic by jeanie mossa.