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I Am Safe Ear Art

Rose Quartz, Tiger's Eye, Turquoise with Silver Hamsa and Eye Bead. Free Shipping

I Am Safe Ear Art

Genuine Rose Quartz, Tiger's Eye, Turquoise with Silver Hamsa and Eye of God Bead

May you live in interesting times seems to be the theme this year all over the planet. Many of us feel the need for extra protection and peace of mind. 

 One of a kind handcrafted in Old Town, Alexandria VA. Created with silver discs with embedded mandala etching. Dangling from these orbs are genuine gemstones of Tiger’s Eye, Turquoise and Rose Quartz. Glass copper and turquoise beads. A silver Hamsa Hand and White Eye of God bead are added for protection. 

Silver plated hypo-allergenic ear wires. Meaures almost 3 inches long. Lightweight. Makes a unique magical gift for your favorite shaman!

 Tiger’s Eye -  A grounding stone used for protection, especially when traveling. Good for endurance agility. Tiger’s eye has an overall pain-relieving effect.

 Turquoise – Known as the Master Healer of Stones. Revered by the Native Americans. Used for protection and communication.

 Rose Quartz – Known as the love stone. Aids in unconditional love and bonding, romantic love and self-love. A very calming stone. Great for stress and anxiety. 

Silver Hamsa – an ancient Middle Eastern amulet used as a protective sign. It is said to ward off evil, bring happiness, good fortune and health.

Eye Bead – Said to bring peace of mind, ward off evil and negative energy. Aids in positive thoughts and happiness.

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Handcrafted with Love, Magic and Charged with Reiki by jeanie mossa.

Planet Calamari Studio Alexandria VA