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jeanie marie mossa

I have always been drawn to the mystical and magical aspects of this world. Sacred symbols, fairy tales, wondrous stories with a touch of the absurd and the wooie wooie.

During the 1980's during a stint as a glass artist. i became very ill due to the environmental nature of the business. This led me to find traditional Chinese medicine which eventually led to a career as an acupuncturist for 14 years. Since moving to Virginia, i have taken a sabbatical from practicing but continue to write and publish books about alternative medicine.
My inner Medicine Woman has prescribed a tincture of old world medicine mixed with art as a remedy for a happy healthy life.

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SOLD! #9 in the Boo Boo Babe Art Doll Series
SOLD! Nature Spirit Being: Gratitude Series. Ready to hang in a sacred space.
$99.00 $150.00
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SOLD #2 in the Boo Boo Babe Art Doll Series
$55.00 $75.00