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Jolly Green Peaceful Pod Jade #2

Jade is a healing stone used for the body & emotional mind. Aids in fertility, good fortune and protection.
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Peaceful Pods

All we are saying.... is give peas a chance!

Jolly Green Jade Peaceful Pod

Five green Jade gemstones nestled in a peridot green & silver pod.

Peapods are a symbol of fertility, a new beginning, the birth of new things to come. A few old world fairy tales mention the magic of peas. Green is the color of spring, healing and prosperity. 

Five green Jade gemstones sit in a gorgeous peridot green and silver peapod created with non-tarnish coated copper wire. Copper enhances the properties of the Jade and is used to relieve pain.

Jade is a healing stone used for the body and emotional mind. Aids in fertility. It represents wisdom gathered in tranquility. Said to help increase love and nurturing. Used as a protective stone, Jade keeps the wearer from harm. Jade attracts good fortune and prosperity.

A decorative loop is at the top of the pod for you to use your favorite chain, cord or ribbon.

Each piece is unique.  Lightweight. Measures about 4 inches. 

All crystals, stones and pearls are cleared with sage then charged with healing Reiki energy. Make a wish when you wear this magical amulet.

Lovely organza gift bag included. All orders are shipped USPS Priority Mail with Insurance.

Created with love and a touch of magic by jeanie mossa in Alexandria VA.

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