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Leap Frog Earrings Black Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater Pearls represent the Divine Feminine. Aids in fertility, purity and calm the body, mind and soul. Black pearls are a symbol for good fortune and prosperity.

Leap Frog Earrings 

Silver Frog Charms with Black Freshwater Pearls 

Created by the Water Faeries with Black Freshwater pearls using non-tarnish silver plated copper wire. Copper wire helps enhance the properties of the pearls .

Faceted aurora borealis blue glass crystal beads adorn the black Freshwater Pearls reflecting the light. Silver frog charms dangle from the black pearls. Please note this frogs are not twins. These are not matchy-matchy earrings!

Spiritually pearls soothes the body, mind and soul while healing negativity. They are a symbol of rebirth, birth, new beginnings. The Chinese believe pearls aid in fertility as the help balance the body’s natural rhythms and hormone levels with lunar cycles. They are considered yin and a sign of the Moon. Black pearls are symbols of wealth and prosperity. The Chinese believe they were formed on the heads of magical dragons. They are known as a symbol of wisdom.

The frog is a symbol of fertility, rebirth and jumping on to a new lily pad in life. Frogs are often featured in the old world fairy tales as princes trapped under an evil spell until they are kissed.

Silver plated hypo-allergenic ear wires.  No nickel! Measures about 3 inches. Lightweight.

A unique beach inspired gift for all those who love being by the sea.

All crystals and gemstones have been cleared with sage and charged with Reiki healing energy. When you receive your crystal jewelry place an intention in it before wearing.

All jewelry comes with a lovely organza gift bag. USPS Priority Mail with insurance.

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Handcrafted with Love, Magic and Charged with Reiki by jeanie mossa.

Planet Calamari Studio Alexandria VA



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