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Star of the Sea Nature Spirit Being SOLD!

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 Magic from the sea! I have always loved mermaids, thanks to Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale The Little Mermaid. There is no doubt in my mind that they did exist... and maybe still do. Hopefully they are safely hidden from those that would harm them.

This unique mermaid spirit art doll was created in several phases. Her face is sculpted from biodegradable eco-friendly paper clay, followed by gesso and then painted gold.

Her body was handcrafted with recycled fabrics, yarns, cotton batting, and threads. Using several textures of yarns in hues of violets, blues, purples, magentas and shimmering pink silver threads. Her curly hair is a lovely shade of lavender with iridescent pink silver threads. The photograph does not pick up the purple hues of her hair. Vibrant purple bells adorn her hair.

She holds a gold starfish with a rhinestone is wire wrapped with nontarnish purple wire. It is said that the starfish is a star that fell from the sky into the ocean. It is a celestial symbol of divine love. The starfish also represents the Divine Mother, the goddess Isis, and the Virgin Mary. A symbol of safe passage in turbulent waters.

On her back is a pin along with a strand of sari ribbon. Pin on a heavy curtain or pillow. Hang in your favorite room, sacred space or indoor garden. She measures about 16 inches long. Her tail is about 6 inches long and has purple magenta fringes.

Please note these Nature Spirit Being art dolls are not for children to play with and must be handled with love and care. Do not place outside or in direct sunlight.

USPS Priority Mail Shipping, packaged with care. Makes a magical gift for a special birthday or holiday.

Each nature Spirit Doll is unique. Charged with prayers, healing light and a touch of magic. Make a wish when she is placed in her new home. Made in the USA at the Planet Calamari Studio.