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Zip It Up Trudie

SOLD #7 in the Boo Boo Babe Art Doll Series
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The Boo Boo Babe Art Dolls came to be after i experienced a series of surgeries, accidents, broken bones, ribs and lots of boo boos over the past year. These therapy dolls are a whimsical approach to dealing with physical and emotional pain on all levels as well as childhood trauma and abuse. May these dolls provide a touch of comfort and laughter to all in need. xoxoxo jeanie

Zip it Up Trudie #7 of the Boo Boo Babe Art Doll Series

Meet Trudie, a feisty red headed girl who has the audacity to speak her mind. Coming from a very strict family that believed children should be seen and never heard, Trudie was always told to “Zip her mouth shut.. Or else!” Freedom of speech was not a right in that household. When Trudie left home, she became a famous activist for women’s rights, free speech, Green Peace and environmental causes. Now when people tell her to Zip it up, she laughs and sticks her tongue out at them.

This Boo Boo Babe is a one of a kind art doll made from a fun mix of new & recycled fabrics, vintage buttons, jewelry and hand painted cheesecloth. Trudi has a whimsical black and white polka dot zipper for a mouth that can be left closed, or open. Her red felt tongue can be pulled out or left in. Her mouth can also hold a secret note.

Her bright red hair was created with hand painted cheesecloth. She wears a sweater guard from vintage 1950's flower and rhinestone jewelry and a white gauze sweater. She has a very large silver sequined nose. Some folks say that she resembles Barbra Streisand.

All dolls are stuffed with new polyfill. Trudie is the tallest of all the Boo Boo Babes so far! Measures about 20 inches tall by 8 inches wide. Not meant to stand on her own. Place on a bed, couch or pillow. These art dolls are not intended as toys for children!

Gift wrap included. USPS First Class Mail with insurance.

Made with love, prayers and a touch of magic by jeanie mossa at the Planet Calamari Studio in the USA.

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